Our Vision

Being able to donate as much money as possible to Animals in Need!

Maybe sounds naive, but the world can be and is sometimes too cruel! And the cruelty often starts with the very innocent – the Animals! Our personal experience and passion are closest to the animals, so our company’s concept is to continuously donate half of the profits to organizations that actively work against animal cruelty and animals in need.

It does not have to be so complicated … ..To engage and work to make the world a better place is a responsibility we all have. So combining to build up a strong company and parallel donating to needy animals is our way of making a difference.

We simply want to offer a unique web shop with a mix of products that make everyday life a little easier and more fun while both we as a company and you as a customer make a nice effort for the animals.

Our ambition is that Moosed Wanted will eventually become a first choice for animal-loving consumers. Our shop will of course not be able to offer everything, but we will work on building a good breadth and hope the vast majority can find something they need, either for themselves or as a gift for someone else.
At best, other more established companies also take our vision under their wings, which would be even better for all animals!

The name Moosed Wanted of Sweden, is chosen with care and is intended partly for “most wanted” / “popular products” and for animals thru Moose / elk.